USS Diodon (SS-349) History

Crew of January 1967 at San Francisco Hunter's Point Naval Shipyard

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A higher resolution photo from Pat Hammack added to cut out photos

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Here is the crew I was to meet in February of 1967 at Fort Roscrans, Point Loma, San Diego.  When this photo was taken, I was either about to commence my active duty or already at Treasure Island awaiting orders that would take me to a submarine.  I was born in San Francisco, California and left for Active Duty from there.  

Those orders sent me to USS Diodon.  I was a week or so at Treasure Island and then I flew PSA down to San Diego.  I waited about a week in transient duty at the Submarine Base until Diodon came into port.  

Too bad that I could not have caught Diodon in San Francisco.

Jim Santos, your Webmaster

Higher Resolution Scan provided by Shipmate John Holsenback

A higher resolution photo from Pat Hammack, with exceprts below added to cut out photos


The Crew - Officers & Enlisted

Far Left  - The Officers

Moving Right - The Chiefs & Sailors

First Chief is QMC(SS) Andrews

Next to him is Chief Brown, I believe

Farther Right - More Chiefs & Sailors

Is one of the two Chiefs to the left of the COB EMC(SS) West - Leading Electrician?

Far Right - COB and last of Sailors

COB:  EMCS(SS) Jimmie Carnes