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Robert Page


Robert J. Page, MMCM(SS) 1956-1958

The Goat Locker CPO Deck Log August 1998

Name: Robert Page MMCMss (ret)
Comments: August 6, 1998. after surfing on in for the umpteenth time, a couple of times a week, I have been able to contact some old shipmates through your deck log, I guess I better update my information, I served on the Diodon SS-349.1956 to 1958, SSBN-610, 1961-1963, SSBN-626.1963-1966.SubSchool I/T,1966-1968, SSBN-645,1968-1973, retired from Navy in May, 1973. Hope to hear from some of my old shipmates on the web.’

(new 02-25-12)



David E. Palmer, MM2, who served on the USS Diodon 1969-1970


Ole Paugh, Sonarman on Diodon for a Short Time

Obituary of Diodon Shipmate Ole Paugh

Sailor Rest Your Oar
(New 04-13-08)

EM2(SS) James B. Payne on Diodon May 1951 to Dec 1954

TM1(SS) Percy in Diodon at the Bow Planes diving station, some time between 1955 and 1958


TM1(SS) Malvin J. Percy 1958

James Saloney Petralba Diodon Shipmate passed away

Sailor Rest Your Oars
Rest in Eternal Peace

(New January 31, 2015)

James Saloney Petralba TN(SS), Diodon Shipmate 1950-1952, departed 22 March 1952


Gerald D. Phillips TMT1(SS), Diodon Shipmate, departed 5 Feb 1952

YN2(SS) Tom Pinkley, Diodon Crew of June 1964 to December 1964


ET3 Roger Plank, WP 56-57

CS3(SS) Jonathan Pinne on Diodon August 1965 to December 1965
(New 09-28-04)

TM3(SS) Pontius 1960


Jim Poag Diodon Shipmate from late 1968 to decommissioning
(New 05-31-13)

Billy Joe Praytor HMC(SS) Retired, on Diodon in late 1960s
(Updated 12-26-05)

Billy Joe Praytor Diodon Shipmate on Eternal Patrol 04-22-14
Sailor Rest Your Oar
(New 10-13-14)

Charles Quimby, crew of 1958-1960

Don Remily


Don Remily EM2(SS)


Don Remily 1958


Don Remily’s Promotion to EM2, '60


Roy Richards, ETR2(SS)


ETR2(SS) Roy Richards Remembers Diodon 62-64


Diodon Shipmate Ed Ritzhaupt EN1-SS passed away 18 July 2003
Sailor Rest Your Oar
(New 07-20-05)


John J. Roberts, ET1(SS) 1968-1969


EM2(SS) William Roberson of Diodon, Years Unknown
Sailor Rest Your Oars

(New 09-05-07)


EM1(SS) Del Robertson 1958


Bobby E. Robison 1951-1952


Bobby E. Robison, 3rdAux(SS)


LTJG Richard W. Robinson (SS) on USS Diodon 1968 through 1969


Finding George (David) Rogers 1960-1964


LTjg Steve Rogers recalls Diodon 1967 West Pac
(New 09-14-06)

Irwin Ross on Diodon 1952 to 1954
(New 03-31-05)

Ron Rowe, Crew of 10-65 to 2-67

Terrance A.  Ryan SA, Diodon Shipmate, reported to duty 12 Feb 1952