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Jonas VanDerLey of the 1958 WestPac trip in his natural state in 2002 & more

Jonas Vanderlay 1958


Shipmates, please help Jonas VanDerLey with his Qual Date on Diodon
(New 07-08-04)



Victor Van Horn, STS3(SS), crew of '69-'70


Chuck Venezio, RM3(SS) 1954


EM3(SS) Gary (Walt) Walters on Diodon twice from 1962 to 1966


EM1 Smiley Wagner, WP56-57



EN2(SS) Chuck Wasmuth on Diodon 1968 through 1971

Chuck Wasmuth - FA to EN2(SS) on Diodon 1968 to decommissioning in 1971


Carl A. Weber, RMCM(SS) 1951-1952


Memories of Carl A. Weber


A message from the Wife of Bill Weinhardt
(new 08-27-04)


Bill Weinhardt 1961-1965

Bill Weinhardt on some Diodon History


More information on the fire from Bill Weinhardt -former LT(SS) Diodon 61-'65


EM2(SS) Weigner possibly - sometime between 1955 to 1957


William Welsh, TMCS(SS) 1950-1953


Bruce Wesley, Diodon Crew of 1961-1962


Dick Whetstone TDY on Diodon in 1966


Werlen of the Aux Gang 1957 

EMC(SS) Jim White of Diodon from October 1962 to October 1964

Steve Wilbur_crew_of_2/68 to 2/69


Cliff Wildca, Diodon Crew of Nov. 1959 to Oct. 1962


George Williams, CS3(SS) 1953-1955


M.D. Williams
Sailor Rest Your Oars


Harry C. Wilson

Harry Wilson - 2003 Diodon Reunion

Harry Wilson in 1976 Plank Owners Photo

Sailor Rest Your Oars
(New 05-15-04)


Andrew S. Wright Jr. USS Diodon Shipmate Torpedoman passed away on Oct. 16, 2009
Sailor Rest Your Oars
(new 12-30-12)




TNSN(SU) to TM2(SS) William Zuchero on Diodon from 1968 to decommissioning